A girl adopts a blind cat and transforms it into a stunningly beautiful white cat

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In Royal Palm Beach, Florida, a stray cat caught the attention of a local resident. Dirty, sickly, and likely blind with eyes always shut, the cat approached the smell of food as the resident fed his own cat outside. Moved by its pitiful state, the resident couldn’t bring himself to shoo the stray away. After feeding the cat, he placed it in a cage and contacted animal services.

Hosted by Carmen Weinberg, founder of the Animal Friends project, the chat began. She promptly took the cat to a veterinarian, who diagnosed him as weak, dehydrated, suffering from mange, and permanently blind due to eye diseases.

During the examination, Carmen noticed the cat’s calm demeanor and even heard him purring, indicating he may have been a house cat before. Despite being flea-free, Carmen isolated the cat in her bathroom at home to prevent any potential infection of her other cats.

Carmen named the new pet Cotton and diligently cared for him, administering daily medication as prescribed by the veterinarian. Over time, Cotton’s health improved significantly. He gained weight, grew taller, and transformed into a stunning snow-white cat. Carmen’s greatest joy came when Cotton finally opened his eyes, revealing one yellow and one blue eye, each a different color.

The vet’s diagnosis was incorrect—Cotton’s vision was fully restored, and he could see everything. It was nothing short of miraculous!

Carmen shared photos of Cotton on social media and received numerous adoption inquiries. However, she decided to keep Cotton because she noticed he was deeply attached to her. Moving to a new home would only add to his stress, considering he had already faced significant adversity.

Street dirt transformed into a beautiful fluffy charmer with just a little effort.

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