The touching story of a cat loyal to its deceased owner has become famous online

8 months trước

Many believe that dogs are the most loyal and affectionate companions, considering cats to be just adorable and somewhat aloof pets. However, a moving story about a cat named Rambo will make you rethink that.

The storyteller, named Fadhil, said that Rambo had a very close relationship with his late father.

After Fadhil’s father passed away, the cat became ill and didn’t eat anything. When a prayer ceremony was held, the cat attended all six days. During the ceremonies, the cat sat quietly and sorrowfully, seeming to understand what was happening.

After six days, Rambo’s health deteriorated, and the family took him to the veterinarian. Due to dehydration, and physical and emotional exhaustion, Rambo had to be hospitalized.

After being discharged, Rambo became more subdued, mainly just sitting in front of the TV and sleeping. His eyes looked sad and lifeless; he became less active and didn’t want to go outside as before.

Doctors believed that Rambo’s illness stemmed from the significant loss of his owner rather than any health issue.

The family then took the cat to the cemetery to visit the father. The cat silently walked to his owner’s grave and sat down quietly.

Upon returning home, it seemed that Rambo had released his emotional burdens. The cat began to eat normally, and his health gradually improved.

After that incident, Fadhil often took the cat to visit his father’s grave, and as a result, Rambo’s mood improved significantly.

This story, when shared on Facebook, instantly went viral, receiving 25,000 shares and became widely known online.

The affection and loyalty of cats are no less than that of dogs or any other pets. Let’s cherish and love them while we have time together!

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