The dog trembled in the rain because he was abandoned, and the actions of the passerby surprised the online community

9 months trước

It rained heavily today, everyone was in a hurry to go home or busy with their work. A stray dog who doesn’t know why is alone in the middle of the rain, trembling but no one cares

Luckily, a woman on her way to her store saw it. Looking at his face full of despair, wet and huddled in the rain, she immediately approached and helped

“My heart sank when I got out of the car,” she said. This dog endured the cold of the rain and the cold…. of the human heart. Maybe the puppy was abandoned by its owner so he patiently stood here waiting

The woman approached, wrapped herself in a blanket to warm herself, then stayed next to her for more than an hour to get to know the dog so she could feel secure and trust him.

Then she called her friend who was in the city’s animal rescue team. 20 minutes later the dog was brought back to the center, cleaned, warmed, and provided with food and water.

Unlike passersby, although she is busy, she is willing to patiently learn and rescue difficult cases because of her love for animals.

Being abandoned made the dog scared and lose faith, but thanks to the warm scarf and the woman’s love, it gradually felt secure and happy again.

Now the dog is being cared for by the animal shelter and waiting for an adopter.

I hope that those who are not truly responsible and take care of dogs/cats conscientiously do not rush to raise them and then abandon them so cruelly!

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