Dog found beside deceased owner now learns to love in new home

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Tyson, a sturdy senior dog from New York City, was found in an apartment next to his deceased owner after being there for about five days, according to rescuers.

All I could think about was Tyson’s well-being. Was he afraid? How long did it take for him to realize he was alone in the world? When Tyson was finally taken out of his home, his heart shattered into a million pieces.

Tyson’s Devastating Backstory

Tyson was definitely one of the most devastated, heartbroken doggos I have ever seen. When the good people of Twenty Paws Rescue, from Brooklyn, New York, arrived at the spot to pick him up, he literally crawled into his crate and refused to go out.

Too scared and alone to move, Tyson lacked the strength to leave. But his rescuers knew that time was the only remedy for a broken heart.

It must’ve been really hard watching his owner pass away, as Tyson was really struggling.

Learning How To Love Again
Laura, a long-time volunteer and major dog lover, did everything in her power to make this big boi feel at peace.

With gentle love and patience, Tyson began eating properly and showering his new momma with kisses and cuddles. Eventually, he started playing with other dogs too.

Little by little, this senior canine came out of his shell

Sarah’s The One

Despite efforts to reach Tyson’s owner’s family, no one was able to adopt him. Then, Sarah, a compassionate animal lover, stepped in. She offered Tyson a forever home, which turned out to be the best decision ever. Tyson immediately fell in love with her!

He’s just been through so much, and you always hope that things go well for them. But when they initially hit it off like this, it’s just a beautiful feeling,” says Rachel, one of the volunteers.

He literally melted into Sarah’s arms

I will totally miss him. It’s so sweet though. It just makes me really happy to see him happy,” says Laura.

I’m excited to welcome him into my life and just watch him get more comfortable and realize that, you know, this is my final stop. This is where I live now, and this is home,” says Sarah.

After all this time, Tyson has resumed his journey with his new momma, starting afresh.

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