The male dog desperately begged passersby to help his mate

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Dogs are incredibly affectionate and emotionally sensitive creatures. They can develop real friendships with other dogs and care for them when they are in need.

While no one stopped to help the dog, her male friend still watched her with a worried look

That’s what a viral video showed: when a dog’s closest friend got injured, it always stayed by her side.

A lost dog in Azerbaijan was hit by a car and injured, lying helplessly on the ground, according to a video posted on the YouTube channel Pets In Love.

Finally, a kind passerby came to help. He lent the dog a jacket, which the male dog used to cover his injured mate. They waited for assistance after a passerby contacted the rescue team.

When the rescue team arrived, they took both dogs to the veterinarian after gaining their trust. While the injured female dog received medical care, the male dog stayed in the room, never taking his eyes off his companion.

Ruby recovered, and now the two dogs, named Max and Ruby, are kept together in the same room. Ruby was able to walk again after a month, making her companion Max much relieved.

According to Pets In Love, Max and Ruby’s story had a happy ending: they were adopted and now live together in the United States, “living a wonderful and happy life!”

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