A wandering cat finds people who refuse to give up on him, changing his life forever

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A stray cat and her only kitten were rescued from the streets, clinging to each other for comfort. Radia and her mother found the mother cat on a rainy day, haggard and cold, and offered her food and shelter. With patience and treats, they gained the cat’s trust and brought her to safety.

The cat, named Appa, was taken to the vet and received treatment for an eye infection and ear mites. Despite efforts, no microchip was found, and there were no owners searching for him. Radia, along with her mother and sister Zahraa, operate a volunteer-based animal rescue in Kuwait called Sheeta and Co, where they help stray animals.

His fur was greasy, and he seemed dusty. He was flighty from spending time on the street. No one ever claimed him. It was something we expected as pet abandonment in Kuwait is out of control,” Zahraa shared with Love Meow.

Appa was brought into the family’s home but remained quiet, often keeping his eyes closed. He showed little interest in grooming or playing for the first few days.

He was barely moving from his spot. However, he accepted pets and purred when he was given attention.”

Appa seemed exhausted after surviving the streets. “We tried to cheer him up and gave him massages and even got him a comb that he really enjoyed.

With safety, comfort, and reassurance, Appa gradually sought affection from people.

Sheeta and Co collaborated with City Kitties DC to help cats like Appa find homes. Appa was fostered by Jen (@pokeypotpie) in the US, where he bonded with another cat, Harvey.

With newfound energy, Appa was soon ready for adoption. Alyson discovered Appa through a post and instantly fell in love with him.

I religiously followed him from Kuwait to DC, and the day he was put up for adoption, I woke up early and applied to adopt him,” Alyson shared with Love Meow.

“When we met him, I knew it was love.” Within a minute, Appa melted into Alyson, rumbling with his gentle purrs, while she petted his cheeks.

A week later, Appa, now named Sir Lewis, settled into his new home with Alyson and her fiancé, making it his kingdom. Sir Lewis loves staying close to his people, purring loudly whenever he’s petted and cuddling up next to them when he naps, always keeping a paw on them.

Sir Lewis enjoys cheek scratches, playing soccer with a tennis ball, and “helping” in the office by claiming the big chair or lounging on a laptop. He’s also a pro at the belly trap.

Each morning, Alyson wakes up to Sir Lewis’s grumpy meow, demanding his breakfast right away.

It’s been so amazing seeing his personality come out. He really is this playful, sweet little guy who loves to play and chase toys. He’s very demanding for his food.”

He has had some health issues, but we’re just so glad we are able to give him the life and care that he deserves,” Alyson told Love Meow.

Thanks to rescuers and volunteers, Sir Lewis is living his best life with the loving family he always wanted.

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