As the woman browsed the shelter, a cat had already claimed her box

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As the woman browsed the shelter, a cat had already settled into her box of choice.

Molly, a 14-year-old cat, found herself at the shelter when her elderly owner could no longer care for her. Despite her age and some health issues, Molly’s beauty and grace captured the woman’s heart instantly when she returned to find Molly in the box.

Determined to take her home, the woman ignored the shelter staff’s concerns about Molly’s prospects for adoption.

Olivia, a woman who values grooming and order, was deeply moved by Molly’s appearance and happily brought her home. Molly became a frequent visitor to the groomer, always well-groomed and beautiful. Olivia later called the shelter to check on how Molly was settling into her new home.

Olivia replied: “Molly is a big smartass, makes me happy every day. There are of course moments when she shows her character and quirks, but in general I am completely satisfied with her”.

Molly made such an impression on the woman that she quickly became her favorite pet.

It’s such a heartwarming and sweet story.

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