Jasper the raccoon befriends and cuddles with an orphaned deer

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Carrie Long, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, took in a baby raccoon named Jasper last year when he was found abandoned at just three weeks old during a rainstorm.

Despite specializing in rescuing orphaned deer at Texas Fawn and Friends, Long decided to care for Jasper. Initially uncertain if he would survive, Jasper thrived thanks to Long’s care and is now repaying her kindness.

This is Jasper…

Jasper, now grown and independent, chooses to stay at Long’s deer refuge. He shares the territory with 75 orphaned deers, but has a special bond with Hope, a deer who lost her mother as a fawn. Jasper ensures Hope never feels alone.

…..and this is Hope!

Captured here is the epitome of their beautiful relationship!

Long says Jasper adores Hope, rushing to lick and cuddle her whenever he sees her. It’s a heartwarming sight. Hope and Jasper are thriving, and everything is done at their own pace.

Long remarked, “He sees her every day. Apparently, She arrives in the evening and lies close to him. They are bonding in a lovely way.”

Long plans to care for 100 orphaned fawns this year, a feat impossible without Texas Fawn And Friends’ dedication.

However, in addition to having their lives saved, they are given a chance to thrive there. None other than what Long would have wanted. According to her, It’s a really satisfying job.

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