The Bee Hummingbird: world’s smallest bird!

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What a delightful sight to behold!!!

It never ceases to astound me that so much life can fit in such a tiny, beautiful package!
All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small

Bee hummingbirds, found along the U.S. West Coast and in Cuba, are among nature’s smallest birds. They measure only 5-6 cm long, weigh less than 2g, and resemble bees in size.

Love this tiny little beauty

Bee hummingbirds stand out with their iridescent plumage, resembling flying diamonds. Don’t miss the chance to see these breathtaking birds in action.

Beautiful nature!

During the breeding season starting in March, male bee hummingbirds sport green bodies with bright red necks, while females are blue with a black underbelly and neck. Males perform vibrant displays and aerial acrobatics to attract females.

This is really unbelievable

Bee hummingbirds lay eggs the size of a coffee bean, approximately an inch long. However, the mother bird prevents the father from approaching the eggs to avoid attracting predators with his brilliant plumage.

What a spectacular little creature.

Bee hummingbirds, like other hummingbirds, mainly consume nectar but occasionally feed on insects and spiders. They visit around 1,500 flowers daily, aiding in plant reproduction and benefiting the ecosystem.

Mother Nature just amazing

Bee hummingbirds, native to Cuba, prefer subtropical climates and do not migrate. They are currently listed as near threatened due to declining populations.

So cute and adorable, what a little beauty!

Let’s join forces to protect the environment for these amazing creatures! They’re so precious and adorable, it’s awe-inspiring to witness God’s creation in something so tiny and perfect.

Absolutely love and pray for their safety!

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