The world’s rarest white-faced Deer was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth

2 months trước

This adorable and unique deer was born on a Cedar Springs, Michigan farm. At just 1.5 weeks old, he was ostracized and abandoned by his mother.

He is named Dragon for his bright blue eyes and uniquely pink nose. Perhaps he was shunned because he resembles a horse rather than a deer fawn.

In the wild, a fawn with such appearance is extremely rare. Typically, they would have a black nose to survive in the wild.

Powell, the farm owner, who now serves as Dragon’s foster mother, stated that the mother deer might have been overwhelmed by the difference and chose to abandon her offspring. Dragon’s mother is a Piebald deer with a white-tailed.

Dragon was likely abandoned because he was born with a pale white face, making him unable to survive in the wild.

With this unique pink nose, he would be disadvantaged in the wild, as it is very sensitive to light and could lead to sunburn.

Fortunately, the farm has taken in and cared for this little deer.

The family feeds him from a bottle and he lives within the farm’s premises. In the future, he will participate in games with other deer and may even greet visitors who come to the farm.

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