The girl grabbed a cute white kitten with blue eyes, though it wasn’t a domestic breed

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A girl in Colombia discovered a stunning white kitten with blue eyes last year. Yet, as it grew, the kitten revealed surprises about its true identity, diverging from initial expectations.

While walking on the outskirts of her village in Amalfi County, Colombian Andes, the girl stumbled upon a small kitten in need of assistance.

The Colombian woman found the weak kitten and took it to the veterinarian. To her surprise, it wasn’t an ordinary cat but a baby albino puma jaguarundi, a rare exception to the typical coloration of jaguarundis.

Without the veterinarian’s expertise, the girl wouldn’t have realized her discovery was a wild baby animal. Despite the jaguarundi being slightly larger than a domestic cat, its behavior is far from domestic. The question remains about how friendly the pet would be.

A small white cougar, weighing only 440 grams, was placed in the reserve, where experts worked to rehabilitate it. Despite initial health concerns, the kitten proved to be stronger than anticipated. By five months, it began to grow rapidly, eventually surpassing its parents in size.

The sole white cougar in Colombia, with its distinctive coat color and sensitive blue eyes, no longer resembles a domestic cat. It resides in the Medellín Nature Reserve, as its unique characteristics make survival in the wild impossible.

To protect her skin and eyes from sunlight damage, the unique cougar has a specially equipped aviary to ensure her constant comfort.

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