Video: The Story of the Dog’s Intelligence That Saved Its Owner

9 months trước

On a refreshing cool afternoon, the owner and beloved dog take a leisurely stroll. After walking for a while, both of them stop to take a rest.


The dog is resting beside its owner when suddenly it lifts its head and looks towards her, then rushes over and barks as if trying to convey something.

The dog grabs onto the hem of the owner’s dress and tugs, attempting to pull her. The owner thinks the dog is just being playful and wanting to go out, so she turns back to her seat.

As she returns to her spot and starts looking at her phone, the persistent dog, Kiên, firmly bites the edge of her dress and pulls it again. She lovingly pets him and just then, a dry branch unexpectedly falls down, luckily missing the owner. Could this be the dog’s Sixth Sense?

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