When the vet saw this unusual kitten, he offered to put her to sleep.But the hostess refused!

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When the vet saw this unusual kitten, he offered to put her to sleep. But the hostess refused, and this is what it has now become. 

Despite the unconventional choice, zoo volunteer Stephanie Madrano decided to name the newborn kitten “Grandpa” upon seeing it for the first time.

The small white kitten strongly resembled its grandfather, with its unusual wrinkled face giving it the appearance of an old man.

The girl first encountered Grandpa after receiving a call from a friend seeking assistance with a special needs kitten. Grandpa was born with legs arched in the opposite direction and a condition known as “dog mouth.”

Despite veterinarians recommending euthanasia due to the kitten’s ailments being incompatible with normal life, the owner refused. Instead, they entrusted the kitten’s life to Stephanie, known for saving the lives of seemingly doomed animals.

Stephanie initiated a challenging rehabilitation process for Grandpa. She fed him special food through a tube every two hours and worked on kneading his crooked paws. Once he gains strength and reaches the appropriate weight, he will undergo a series of operations to improve his quality of life.

With time, Grandpa transformed into a mostly normal kitten, albeit with minor physical defects. He frequently visits the vet, enjoys plenty of sleep, and overall, is thriving. His unique appearance captured the hearts of many, turning him into a popular Instagram sensation.

Grandpa grew into an endearing creature with an unconventional charm. Who’s to say he doesn’t deserve a shot at happiness?

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